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"This is a must have resource for every middle and elementary teacher. It makes mathematics concepts that are difficult to teach come alive and make sense through its pictorial representations."

-Mary Ann Kline,
Curriculum Specialist

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Author Guillermo Mendieta has created an invaluable resource for teaching and learning mathematics. In Pictorial Mathematics, key mathematical concepts become clear through his visual instruction. Pictorial Mathematics provides the perfect bridge between the abstract and the concrete. It helps the learner focus on developing meaning, connections, and a deeper conceptual understanding of key mathematical concepts through resources such as:

  More than 1,000 engaging visual exercises.
Powerful and engaging models for the development of conceptual understanding of place
  value, the four operations, fractions, percents, ratios, integers, algebraic expressions,
    geometry and many other key concepts in elementary and middle school mathematics.
  Energizing tasks—whether working in small groups, large classrooms, or individually.
  Master guides so you can create your own pictorial problems.
  A comprehensive resource that connects with the visual learner in all of us,
Pictorial Mathematics is an invaluable addition to any math classroom or student library.

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