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"This is a must have resource for every middle and elementary teacher. It makes mathematics concepts that are difficult to teach come alive and make sense through its pictorial representations."

-Mary Ann Kline,
Curriculum Specialist

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The Perfect Professional Development:

Pictorial Mathematics:
An Engaging Visual Approach
To The Teaching and Learning of Mathematics

Using Multiple Representations
To Teach Mathematics Conceptually,
with Meaning and for Understanding

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Bring Guillermo Mendieta, author of Pictorial Mathematics, for an engaging two-day, three-day, five-day, or seven-day professional development experience that will put your teachers on the fast track for teaching mathematics conceptually, with meaning and for understanding. Attendees will learn the top ten strategies to teach topics such as:

• Place value
• Multiplication
• Equivalent fractions
• Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of fractions
• Ratios
• Algebraic expressions and equations
• Factoring
• Problem solving

Every participant will receive personal attention from the author, as well as a copy of Pictorial Mathematics. The five- and seven-day packages include classroom application follow-ups and demonstration lessons. At the end of the seminar, educators will have the confidence and knowledge to help their students excel in mathematics.

Who would benefit most from our professional developments?

- Teachers in districts with high numbers of Limited English Proficient students
- Teachers with high numbers of students struggling with state assessments
- Mentor teachers and instructional administrators

For more information, complete the form below, or call us now at (909) 730-7312, and give teachers the opportunity to experience what many are calling the most powerful and meaninful professional development experience ever.

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