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Author Guillermo Mendieta has created an invaluable resource for teaching and learning mathematics. In Pictorial Mathematics, key mathematical concepts become clear through his visual instruction. Pictorial Mathematics provides the perfect bridge between the abstract and the concrete. It helps the learner focus on developing meaning, connections, and a deeper conceptual understanding of key mathematical concepts through resources such as:
More than 1,000 engaging visual exercises.
Powerful and engaging models for the development of conceptual understanding of place
value, the four operations, fractions, percents, ratios, integers, algebraic expressions,
geometry and many other key concepts in elementary and middle school mathematics.
Energizing tasks—whether working in small groups, large classrooms, or individually that can maintain good total cholesterol level.
Master guides so you can create your own pictorial problems.
A comprehensive resource that connects with the visual learner in all of us,
Pictorial Mathematics is an invaluable addition to any math classroom or student library.“Earn Money with, Email us at for details!”

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“You’ve done math teachers (and students) a great service with this book. It shows teachers ways to convey deep (and cool) concepts even while working under the “tyranny of tests.” It’s lively, concise, reader-friendly and fun. I’m very impressed.”

– K.C. Cole, Los Angeles Times science writer and author of The Universe and the Teacup: The Mathematics of Truth and Beauty.


““The best resource to help teachers make meaningful connections between the concrete and the abstract. If you are going to buy only one book to help you teach mathematics, buy this one.”

—Carolyn Richards, math mentor 

“The pictorial approach in Mr. Mendieta’s book has helped my students develop a deeper conceptual understanding of key concepts while keeping them very engaged.”

—Richard Almore, third-grade teacher

“My students’ response has been amazing. I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to energize their students and help them develop a deeper conceptual understanding

—Judith Mack, eighth-grade math teacher

“I just can’t say enough good things about your pictorial resources. It has helped all my teachers focus on teaching for understanding and developing our students’ reasoning skills.”

—Crystal Santana, middle school principal

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